How to fit a running shoe? Good running shoes for Achilles tendonitis

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How to fit a running shoe? Good running shoes for Achilles tendonitis
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How to fit a running shoe

Whether you are a sports person or a fitness freak, buying a right running shoe that not only fits well on your toes but aid you to feel comfortable while walking, running, or exercising is not that easy how it seems to be. Running shoes have a great influence on how relaxed you feel while carrying it. These shoes can be utilized for diverse purposes. Be it for jogging, trail running in the woods, or running in a marathon race, it can be the most appropriate option for an athlete.  Hence, it is a must to spend your additional time and efforts while buying a right pair of running shoe especially if you are a dedicated athlete. A right pair of athlete shoe will help you to practice your day-to-day physical activities accurately. In addition to this, it would avoid the occurrence of unwanted injuries and accidents. If you are tired of rummaging around the web to find out the answers of what is the most appropriate running shoe for an athlete? How to buy a right pair of athlete shoe for Achilles tendonitis? Or how to fit a running shoe? Then here I am presenting some essential tips to consider before buying an athlete shoe:

  • Prior to going into a shoe market, it is essential to take your current running shoe to buy the most appropriate one that fits your toe perfectly.
  • Prefer buying a shoe from a specialty running store instead of a huge departmental shop. This is because usually, the staffs of specialty stores make all their possible efforts to bring you a right pair. They would conduct diverse tests to ascertain how you run carrying the running shoe? They may also carry out an arch test to determine if you have high, normal, or fallen arches.
  • It is essential to measure your foot size every time you buy the latest pair of shoe. Since your foot size keeps on changing, there are possibilities that you may buy a shoe that is either too loose or too tight in your toes.

Once you have chosen a right running shoe, the next step is to examine if it fits your toes properly and if you feel comfortable wearing it.

How to fit a running shoe?

Your job isn’t limited to buying an amazing and perfect pair of running shoe rather it is equally vital to examine if your shoes fit well on your foot?  Let’s discuss some tips on how to find a shoe with a proper fit?

  1. Provide adequate room for your toes

The chief factor to consider while buying a shoe is to analyze if your toes have sufficient space wearing the latest pair of running shoes. Here’s how you can check the space in your toes:

  • Examine if your toes are able to move inside the shoe’s forefoot without any restraint. Make sure that your toe should not lie on the side of the insole.
  • There must be about no less than one and a half thumb of room between the top portion of your running shoe and your greatest toe. Stand up straight and take the assistance of the salesperson to compute the measurements.
  • Ensure that the top portion of your shoe should neither be too firm nor too loose across your toes.
  1. Heels should fit comfortably in your toes

Checking the heels fitting is another chief factor to be kept in mind prior to finalizing a deal. If the heels are too rigid or too loose then it can result in irritation and pain while you run.

  • A right running shoe will fit comfortably all-around the heels (it won’t be too tight). When you lace up your shoes to its ultimate eyelet (without completely tying it), you must be able to glide your foot without trouble.
  • If you experience some small movements near your heels then it’s all right however, it should not be too loose as a loose-fitting shoe won’t let you run properly.
  1. The upper portion of the shoe should feel snug but not rigid

The upper portion of your shoe must feel secure but it should not be too tight or make you feel uncomfortable wearing it. Here’s how to check if your shoe fits your toe properly and it isn’t too tight

  • Wear the shoe to check if you feel any tightness around your toe. If you observe pressure in your instep then the shoe might be smaller than your foot size. Try out with a bigger shoe.
  • However, if tightness is limited to the portion under your laces, then try lacing the shoe using another technique prior to opting for the next shoe.
  1. Analyze the flex point of your running shoe

Flex point is the spot which normally bends while the athlete runs. In order to ensure maximum comfort, the bending spot of your shoe must complement the flex point of the same.

  • To check the flex point of the shoe, hold you running shoe by its heel and compress the toe portion of your shoe on the ground. Mark the point where your shoe turns and bend. This point is the flex point of your shoe.
  • It is essential to check for the flex point of an athletic shoe as if the flex point and your foot aren’t lined up then it may result in plantar fasciitis (irritation and pain in your heels) or arch pain.
  1. Choose the appropriate shoe considering your arches

In order to determine the shape and size of your running shoe, ascertain your arch type i.e., examine whether you have flat arches or high arches. People dealing with flat arches may need a stable yet supportive running shoe. On the other hand, people having high arches should go with a curved shoe. Make sure that your running shoe should match up with the natural contour of your foot especially if you have higher arches.

How to buy shoes for tendons injury: Best shoes for Achilles tendonitis

How to buy shoes for tendons injury

Achilles Tendonitis is developed when your tendons get injured due to the excessive practice of exercises. The injury is very common in runners, athletes, and the people involved in physical activities. Though it can be treated with the proper rest and medication, some people are required to opt for a surgery in case of complete rupture of their tendons. Now, choosing a right shoe for your injured tendons is an essentiality. You must not only focus to get a right pair of shoe that fit your toes properly but it should also make you feel comfortable while running, jogging, and walking. Here are some tips to be considered while buying shoes for Achilles tendonitis:

  • According to the experts, people dealing with Achilles tendonitis should prefer buying the shoes paired with a built-up heel. These shoes won’t put pressure on your tendons while running or walking.
  • Search out for the running shoes that enables you additional cushioning and support. For instance, there are various athlete shoes comprising a gel pad that avoid sudden shock on your tendons and provide you with enough comfort.
  • If you’re buying shoes to practice workouts and daily exercises then make sure to check if it consist of breathable mesh that reduces unwanted perspiration and cool down your foot while exercising.
  • A form-fitting shoe along with a padded tongue and rubber sole can turn out to be the best pair of running shoe for the people suffering from Achilles tendonitis.

In order to ease your efforts in searching out for some best shoes for Achilles tendonitis, follow the review of the below-listed shoes:

Adidas NEO Cloudfoam – Adidas NEO is designed out of synthetic materials. It comprises breathable mesh that enables the access of air inside the shoe and keeps the foot of an athlete cool. If you’re looking out for the low top sneakers along with midsole and sole liner then this product of Adidas can be the right fit for you. However, Adidas NEO shoes are neither waterproof nor you can take out its insole.

Asics Gel-Contend shoe – Asics-contend shoe is especially known for offering superb cushioning. Whether you are an entry-level athlete or just a casual runner, Asics Gel can turn out to be the best possible option. These shoe comprises rubberized sole, comes with multiple width sizes, and is good for walking purposes.

Clarks Portland 2 Tie casual shoe – Apart from using it for running and exercising purposes, these shoes can also be used for professional meetings. It contains mesh layers, enables good traction, and cure Achilles injury.

Watch this video to get the best idea to buy running shoes: 


A well-fitting running shoe not only helps you to practice your athletic activities with comfort but also cure the painful tendons injury. Hence, it is worth investing your money and time buying a perfect pair of running shoe. So what are you waiting for? Visit your local retail markets or search around the online stores to get amazing yet comfortable running shoe. Good Luck!

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