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Lap Band Surgery: How it Can Help Solve Obesity Problems in Sydney

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Lap Band Surgery

If you’ve already been to Sydney, Australia, you would know that the place is thriving with dozens of must-visit restaurants and must-try cuisines. But what you probably didn’t know about the sunshiny city is while food is among its major attractions, poor eating and dietary choices have also been prevalent among its locals.

The continuously increasing number of overweight individuals—which includes children, teenagers and adults—has become a prevailing concern among residents. The surge in obesity in Australia’s ‘Harbour City’ is a call for help. This means that aside from dietary plans and workout routines aimed at losing weight, other weight management alternatives such as bariatric and lap band surgery, Sydney, could be just the kind of solution that the city’s residents need.

A quick online search about the highly recommended foods to try in Sydney will generate results that feature a list of sweets, junk food and some protein in between. At present, Sydney is rich with a multitude of different cultures and mouthwatering food innovations. While there is generally nothing wrong with enjoying all the local delicacies that the city has to offer (savoury meat pies and fairy bread, anyone?), there should also be a limit to how much unhealthy food an individual consumes.

When the stomach is conditioned to store more than the required amount of sustenance for the body that is when a person starts leaning towards obesity. In comparison, picture a box with a vast space inside it—it would take several items to fill it to the brim. In a similar sense, the more volume a stomach has, the more food it would take to make it full.

Lap band surgery (also called gastric banding) is a medical procedure designed to curb the excessive appetite in an overweight individual’s stomach. During the said procedure, an adjustable belt called lap band is attached around the upper section of the stomach. It is attached to a compartment to ensure that the lap band remains securely coiled around the patient’s stomach. This compartment releases saline, which then fills the band and keeps it from loosening,

When is a lap band surgery ideal?

When is a lap band surgery ideal

A lap band surgery is suitable for people aged 18 years old, and above whose average body mass index is around 40-45 kgs more than the suggested weight for their age and physique. It is also recommended for patients with other underlying health conditions related to obesity, such as diabetes or hypertension.

After a patient successfully undergoes lap band surgery, they will begin to take in a smaller amount of food into their system. The band also helps slow down the passage and limit the food sizes broken down into the stomach.

Contrary to common misconceptions about gastric banding, patients do not suffer from a mass depletion of vitamins in their system during the surgery. No portion of the stomach, whether big or small, is removed in the procedure. It only requires putting a restriction around the excessive volume that the patient’s stomach accommodates.

Around 80-90% of the time, lap band surgery in Sydney has been successful for the locals who have undergone the said operation. As long as the procedure is duly paired with consistent postoperative follow-up checkups, there is a small likelihood of patients experiencing side effects.

  • March 10, 2020
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