Simple Gym Workout for Beginners

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Simple Gym Workout for Beginners

Is it your first time going to the gym? Have you already set your goals to achieve by the end of your contract? There are a lot of things to consider before signing up for a gym, but sometimes the desire to get in shape is just too much that we rush into a decision. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, as long as you make sure that you get your money’s worth at the end of each session.

Going to the gym can be pretty overwhelming for a first-time member, especially if you are going to start your sessions alone. While it is much better to work out with a trainer so that he or she can also guide you on your fitness journey, not everyone can afford the extra bucks needed to pay for one. Luckily, the team from Rec Xpress 24 Hour Gym has helped us with a workout guide you can use at any Gym. We hope this piece will lay out some basic workout exercises that you can try to improve your body and conditioning.

Do Warm-ups First

Before we go on to the actual work-out exercises, we need to discuss warm-ups first. People tend to underestimate warming up because they think it doesn’t really affect their workout routine, and some feel that it’s a waste of time. The truth is, warmups can dictate how successful or not the rest of your session will be. With proper warming up, your muscles will be able to move more freely which will lead to improved performance during working out. If you try to go straight to working out without taking the time to warm up your body, the shock from the sudden increased physical activity will be felt more by your body and might lead to injuries as well.

Warm-up exercises differ depending on the main work-out you will be doing for the day. Warming up is meant to serve as an introductory session for the muscles that will be strained later on, which means that they act like support wheels before you go on the actual bike. That being said, there are no specific steps to warm-up, just make sure to do proper stretching with the targeted muscles. For instance, if you are scheduled to work on your legs on that day, a few leg and quad stretches coupled with a lap or two at the treadmill should be enough to get your muscles going.

The Treadmill

The treadmill exercise is as simple as it gets for gym beginners. Basically, you will be walking in place while on the treadmill, and you can slowly adjust the speed and slope of the routine as you grow more familiar and comfortable with the machine. Some people spend most of their time on the treadmill, using it to boost their overall cardio and conditioning, while others treat it as a warm-up before proceeding to more intense activities at the gym.

When using the treadmill (or any gym machine for that matter), try not to compare your performance with the people around you. A lot of people get themselves depressed and unmotivated because they start comparing their progress with other gym members, which is a huge mistake. Remember that everyone has a different learning curve, and the same holds true for working out. Set your own standards for yourself and work out as hard as you can to achieve them.

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Lift Some Weights

Weightlifting is a popular activity at the gym, as it is very effective in trimming unwanted body fat due to burning more calories than most exercises. Weightlifting can also help significantly improve one’s posture, reducing the chances for back pain and osteoporosis, among other posture conditions.

Start with the lightest weights you can find to make sure you don’t overexert on your very first try. Go heavy on repetitions first since you are only lifting light weights. For instance, if you will be using beginner-level dumbbells to work out your arms, try to do ten to fifteen sets on each arm first. As you progress through your daily work-outs you should find that the sets are not putting as much strain on your muscles anymore, and eventually, you’ll feel that you need to lift heavier weights. Remember to adjust your counts as you lift heavier weights, you only need to lift them eight to ten times (can be less, depending on the weight)  for the equivalent of a full workout session. Trying to lift more than you should lead to muscle tears and other injuries, so always be careful when lifting.

Circuit Training

Most gyms now offer circuit training after this type of conditioning became trendy. Circuit training is a form of endurance training that puts the body through high-intensity aerobics in a limited amount of time. It works wonders in losing weight and building core strength and endurance.

Circuit training is almost always done as a class, where you and your fellow gym members try to mimic the movements of an instructor standing in front. The number one thing to remember when doing circuit training is to pace yourself: if you can’t do the same sets in the same manner, it’s perfectly alright. The idea is to gradually familiarize your body with this training method so that in due time, you will be able to complete all the workout exercises properly. So if you only lasted three minutes into the program, that’s okay, take time to rest and rehydrate. Just make sure that there is an improvement in your performance as you go through each session.

As with most of the activities that you can try at the gym, always ensure that you prioritize your body’s safety when working out. You came to the gym to improve your body’s physical aspects, not injure yourself.

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