Sonicare Vs Oral B: Which Can Improve Oral Health Better?

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Sonicare Vs Oral B Which Can Improve Oral Health Better

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Oral health plays very important role in our daily lives because the mouth is the entry of our foods and drinks. Hence, it is very important to keep our mouth always clean and fresh. Also, we use our mouth in verbal communication. Every breath and exhale can be smelled from our mouth. If the mouth and teeth are not clean, it is expected that you will have a bad breath – and this is a manifestation of a very poor oral health.

It in this utmost reason that there are different kinds of toothbrush that are spreading now in the market. One of the most famous kind of toothbrush nowadays is that of the electric toothbrush. In fact, there is this ongoing Philips Sonicare vs Oral B trend when it comes to being the best in the market as far as electric toothbrushes are concerned. Obviously, these two are the leading brands for total oral health care.

To further understand the Sonicare vs Oral B, here are some of the essential details about each brand so that we can properly discern which one can improve oral health better:

Sonicare vs Oral B When It Comes to Brush Head

Based on some testimonials of users of both brands of toothbrush, the brush head of Oral B is bigger compared to the brush head of Sonicare. This feature makes Oral B’s brush head sturdier than of Sonicare’s. Also, many people said that Oral B’s brush heads have more variations, making it easier in finding replacements. What makes it more interesting is that brush head replacements are cheaper with Oral B than with Sonicare.

Meanwhile, Sonicare’s brush head is narrower than that of Oral B’s. This feature allows Sonicare toothbrush bead to reach areas of the teeth that are hard to reach. This can be done without stressing the mouth. Because it is narrow, it can find its way easily even to the farthest teeth. Also, many people testified that Sonicare’s brush head is more comfortable to use because it is somewhat similar to the brush heads of ordinary toothbrushes. Hence, people cannot feel that it is an electric toothbrush and feels like the comfortable feeling in using the ordinary toothbrush.

Pressure Sensor Capability: Sonicare Vs Oral B

In the electric toothbrush, the pressure sensor will give alert signals when you are brushing your teeth very hard or putting much pressure to your mouth. In this way, your teeth and gums will be protected away from the excessive pressure of brushing the teeth. All of Oral B’s electric toothbrush have this pressure sensor feature except the Oral B Vitality Series and Oral B Deep Sweep 1000. The Philips Sonicare, however, has only one model that has the pressure sensor feature. This is the Philips Sonicare Flexcare HX6921/02.

Sonicare Vs Oral B: The Power of Technology

Since this is an electric kind of toothbrush, the aspect of technology is always present. Without the technological advancement, there is no electric toothbrush and we settle to the so-called ordinary toothbrush. For Sonicare vs Oral B in this aspect, these two brands are far from each when it comes to its technological advancement in their respective electric toothbrush.

For Philips Sonicare, its electric toothbrush utilizes its Sonic Technology which utilizes vibrant technology to successfully clean the teeth. In Sonic Technology, the brush head moves side-by-side which enables the complete removal of plaque in the teeth. Also, it’s Sonic Technology can produce up to 31,000 strokes per minute. In effect, the teeth are thoroughly cleanse.

The Oral B, on the other hand, has Rotary Technology. It has rotation-oscillation technology that enables its head brush to spin in a 16-degree motion. Plus, its Rotary Technology rotates in two different approaches – the 3D Technology that has 8,800 oscillations and 40,000 pulsations. The 2D Technology has only 7,600 oscillations in every minute.

Sonicare Vs Oral B in Terms of Price

When it comes to affordability, Oral-B is cheaper than the Philips Sonicare. Also, there are many options available in Oral-B when it comes to various models of electronic toothbrushes. Some marketing experts averred that Sonicare is a little bit expensive than the Oral B because Sonicare has simpler features that makes it as the most preferred electronic toothbrush. Because of its popularity in the market, it is way more expensive than the Oral B.

At this juncture, it can be surmised that both Philips Sonicare and Oral B are amazing electronic toothbrushes. They serve very well their purpose which is to promote excellent oral health care. The Sonicare vs Oral B remains superficial because, although a little bit different in prices, both brands are the same in the greatness of quality and technology.

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