Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB460 Exercise Bike Review

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB460 Exercise Bike Review
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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB460 is one of the best exercise machines you get for yourself. If you have decided to buy this, you should know that you made a wise decision. The price tag is fairly small and the features it has are found in more pricey exercise bikes. For example, the easily adjustable seat that can be set up even when you are sitting on it is something rare to find in an exercise machine at this price range.  It is not a complex machine and you can use it whenever you want. It guarantees weight loss and muscle build-up.

Many beginners and experts use this and are satisfied with the bike. You will not only be shedding calories but gain strength and power. The machine is designed to make you lose weight and get a full body workout. Some people feel like cycling is only helping their legs whereas, on the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB460, you can feel the muscle of your whole body working together. Let us explore all the features of it that make it one of the most useful and popular bikes on the market.

The eight-level adjustable magnetic resistance system works manually when the user turns the tension knob found at the front support. The levels are clear on the knob so that you will be able to check your level and that makes it easy to use. You noticed the word “adjustable” because you can turn in clockwise or counter-clockwise to increase and decrease it. Many bikes have a sudden pause or jerking when altering the level, particularly when you are trying to make it tighter.

The first levels are perfect for beginners and those who suffered from leg or knee injuries and surgeries. That is why this bike is famous for all kinds of users, as mentioned above. Experts and professionals can use it at the highest level. It is such a wonderful machine for the workout that it aids in recovering thus it is used for therapeutic reasons. Find out which level is right for you and workout will be more fun and simple than you ever thought.

  • Quiet operation

It has a belt drive and flywheel that deliver a smooth and quiet riding motion without disturbance except for beginners if they are using at a high level of resistance. You will notice that it starts to pulse to some extent where the resistance functions as a brake to lower the speed of the pedals when you are not pushing with about the top and bottom of the pedaling motion.

These moving fragments are bounded in the shroud that keeps them out of reach of children and pets and also from users training on the bike (only the crank arms and pedals are external). The shroud also aids to keep the flywheel and drive safe from damage. As you can see that the machine has a belt drive and magnetic resistance which make it operate silently. It will not interrupt others at your home or neighbors if you are in an apartment. Moreover, one more reason to why working out on this bike is fun is because you can watch the television without any disturbance because it is that much quiet.  There is no need to increase the television’s volume, as a result, again you are not bothering anyone.

  • Large and clear digital console

The console tells the user the calories, speed, time, odometer, distance, along with pulse when you are gripping the hand sensors. Tracking performance becomes a child’s play when you have an LCD display telling you all about the distance, speed and calories burned. The size is big enough to ensure that you are sticking to your regime. When a machine has a small or unclear display, tracking the performance becomes difficult Moreover, it displays all at once. Therefore, there is no need to press the button for changes. It necessitates 2 AAA batteries to power the console which is the only power requirement. If the batteries die you can still continue to utilize the machine with the issue of not being able to track your results.

It turns on and off automatically and after 8 minutes of standby, it will shut down if you do not use the bike. To get efficient pulse readings, you must grip it properly.

  • Comfortable seat

One thing for sure is that you will not get another recumbent bike with such a soft seat that is shaped like a heart. You will discover that the entire seat can be moved forward and rearward to ensure that the user has the perfect riding position, and includes a cushioned back support and a cushioned seat for further ease. The pad of the seat it large so that the user can relax and does not have to make the workout seem like a challenge. The seat allows the user to train for as long as they want. It is not possible in most recumbent bikes or even in the upright ones because when the seat is not comfy, the rider gets tired quickly.

The duration of workout disturbs the exercise routine. Here, you set up your timing and carry on as long as you want. While building this, the makers had this in mind they this should be easy and cozy for people who just had leg and knee surgeries. Another fact to notice is that, in many expensive bike reviews, you will find that there are complaints about the seat. Here, there will be zero issues with the seat.

  • Heavy-duty weight capacity

There are many bikes within this price range that offer only up to 300 pounds. The SF-RB460 does more than that. It can hold up to 350 pounds. The users who are more than 300 pounds praise this product. In fact, if you think your weight is more than average, you can get it without any hesitation. If you are ready to lose weight fast in a fun and relaxing way, this popular recumbent bike is the answer. The base is strong enough to hold users of any weight within 350 pounds.


  • Super comfortable and cushioned seat
  • Pedals have straps that keep feet in position
  • The console provides all the important data
  • Perfect for low impact exercise
  • Assembling is simple and quick
  • Silent operation
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Solid base to stay steady


  • If you are not placing a carpet at the base, it will send vibrations to the people living under you
  • The hand pulse sensors need to be gripped properly to get the right results


  1. When does the timing start? Do I need to turn it on?

Answer: It starts automatically when you begin pedaling

  1. Do I have to get up to make seating adjustments?

Answer: No. It is the specialty of Sunny Health and Fitness Recumbent bikes

  1. How is it different from their other recumbents: RB4601, SF-RB4417 and SF-RB921?

Answer: It is better in many ways and one of them is that it can hold up to 350 pounds which are more than other models


It is the solution for low impact and comfortable workout. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB460 offers value for money and it is simple to use. It has lots of advantages such as adjustment of the bike when being seated and various levels of resistance. One thing that can be difficult is to move it from one place to another as it does not come with wheels. Therefore, if you are placing it in the right position, there is no need to worry about moving it. Besides, who wants to move their exercise bike? Also, if you are going to clean, just give a small push with your hands.

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB460 Exercise Bike Review (Video Reviews)

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