5 Tips for keeping baby healthy & warm this winter

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5 Tips for keeping baby healthy & warm this winter
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keeping baby healthyWinter is coming. It is quite a challenging time for everyone and even so more if you’re a parent. However, the weather may be, babies need their time in the fresh air. But with all the health-related issues this time of the year, it is little concerning for the parents. So, what to do then? How you’re supposed to keep your little one safe and warm from the cold days of winter? If that is the problem keeping you awake all night then it won’t anymore. Because we’ve come to your rescue with 5 tips to keeping baby healthy and warm this winter.

5 tips to keeping baby healthy and warm this winter:

Prepare the crib the right way:

Preparing the crib of your baby plays an important role in keeping them warm during the long winter nights. The use of an electronic heating comforter in the bed is not really a great idea as it can increase the temperature of the baby’s body. So, opt for layers to prepare the crib.

The use of flannel sheets equipped to prepare the crib may be a good idea. Layers of sheets can ensure a warmer and more welcoming bed for your child. Also, make sure that you have plenty of extra sheets for an overnight changeover. Plus always check the sheets to see if they are cold. Never put the baby to sleep in the cold bed. Use a hot water bottle, baby stroller or an electronic heater to warm your child’s bed before bedding them. However, always make sure to remove the bed heater and check if the temperature of the bedding is not too warm before placing the baby in it.

Put the right clothes on:

Before putting the baby to sleep it is important to put them on some appropriate clothing. Since it works as the first layer of insulation on the body. Make sure to put on light cotton clothing before laying them on the bed. The choice for heavy or wool clothing is not a great one although it might seem to be the best way to keep them warm. Heavy woolen clothes can make your baby feel uncomfortable and can also cause them to sweat during the night. And sweating too much isn’t good as there is a chance they can catch a cold. So, make sure to put on soft cotton clothes that can absorb sweat, should there be any. Also, try to avoid putting on socks or gloves on your baby before putting to sleep. Always consider to keeping your baby clothes dry and clean. We recommended using to wash your baby clothes by laundry detergent. However, if the temperature is too low, and you are not using a heater to maintain the temperature of the room, then you can cover the baby’s head with a loose-fitting hat, made of lightweight cotton to keep them warm. But, it is important to repeatedly check that the cotton that is not making the head sweat.

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A proper diet:

With regard to diet, we can not miss foods with vitamin C during the coldest season of the year. Although they do not prevent or cure a cold. But they strengthen the immune system that makes it possible for children to effectively fight viruses. Some of the foods richest in vitamin C are oranges, grapefruits, lemons, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, melon, broccoli, dark green vegetables, cauliflower, kiwi fruit, and tomatoes.

In general, a healthy diet, with an adequate supply of nutrients, is the best way to improve your defenses too. Especially if you’re breastfeeding your baby. And if they are bottle fed then you can add hints of turmeric spice. The spices mixed will keep the inside warm and fuzzy by aiding their immune system in getting by the winter. Make certain add some honey to balance the sweetness to their warm milk so that the spice don’t overwhelm the taste.

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Measures to prevent children from getting colds:

The first and most important thing is to wash your hands frequently before touching the baby. Especially if you’ve contacted with someone who is contaminated by the virus, it will be contagious. Also, teach your child to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds after going to the bathroom, after playing and before and after eating. It is also important to dry your hands well, as wet hands promote the spread of viruses and bacteria. If possible, use disposable paper towels instead of plush towels.

Do not forget to wash and disinfect the toys to avoid germs. Some of them, like stuffed animals, are a real nest of mites.

The emotional factor also impacts:

Pediatricians ensure that children with emotional stability are capable of overcoming colds more quickly. This is because the stress that causes discomfort or negative feelings reduce the defenses of the body and make them more sensitive to infectious diseases. Happy family environments favor the immune system of young children, while stress-affected adults transmit that mood to children, which can cause changes in their immune status and lead to a decrease in their defenses. So, try to be happy around your kids

Nobody said it would be an easy task. Keeping a baby safe and sound is one of the toughest jobs, but now at least you know how to do so. Hopefully, these 5 tips to keeping baby healthy and warm this winter will help you or anybody you know. But if you know anything else that might help, then don’t hesitate to share. Because parents need all the help they can get.

Tips To Help Keep Your Baby Healthy (Video):

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